About Us

More Than Listening is a website where you can buy worksheets designed to enhance ESL students’ listening skills and to help them improve their competence in English.

Worksheets are based on real videos found on Youtube and they are classified into 4 categories depending on their level of English:

Worksheets have a clearly defined structure with sections which will help users to make the most of the listening process:

  • A BEFORE YOU WATCH section helps users to activate their knowledge and vocabulary related to the contents of the video.
  • A WHILE WATCHING section consists of tasks that foster students’ listening skills, including listening for gist (understanding the video’s general meaning) and listening for detail (understanding specific meanings)
  • An AFTER WATCHING section includes a vocabulary exercise to reflect on and consolidate new words and expressions mentioned in the video.

Every worksheet also includes a full transcription of the video and a key to the listening and vocabulary tasks.

Click the links below to download for free sample worksheets:

Elementary sample worksheet.

Intermediate sample worksheet.

Upper-intermediate sample worksheet.

Advanced sample worksheet.

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