Frequently asked questions

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  • What is More Than Listening?

More Than Listening is a website with two aims. The first is to improve the listening skills of EFL (English as a foreign language) students. The second is to help EFL teachers providing them with ready-to-use worksheets to use in their classes.

The worksheets have four levels: elementary, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced.

They all have a clearly defined structure with sections which will help users to make the most of the listening process:

  1. A BEFORE YOU WATCH section helps users to activate their knowledge and vocabulary related to the contents of the video.
  2. A WHILE WATCHING section consists of tasks that foster students’ listening skills, including listening for gist (understanding the video’s general meaning) and listening for detail (understanding specific meanings)
  3. An AFTER WATCHING section includes a vocabulary exercise to reflect on and consolidate new words and expressions mentioned in the video.

Every worksheet also includes a full transcription of the video and a key to the listening and vocabulary tasks.

All the worksheets are based on real videos chosen from the webpage www.youtube.com and have a variety of listening tasks. These encourage students to listen for general meaning as well as detail. Vocabulary tasks are also included.

You can download one free worksheet with answers and transcripts for each level.

  • Who is More Than Listening?

More Than Listening is a joint venture by two experienced EFL teachers.

  • Are the worksheets free?

Watching the videos is free. However the worksheets, which include listening activities and the transcript, are not free. The payment process needs to be completed before you are allowed to download them.

  • Is it necessary to register in order to buy the worksheets?

Registering is not necessary. To buy the worksheets, you only need to click on the product and proceed to checkout.

However, if you wish to register you may do so. This will allow you to have your own account on our webpage. It’s the perfect way to keep track on your previous downloads and save time in future purchases.